Castle and Garden

Ardgillan Parkrun

Ardgillan parkrun – Weekly Free 5km Timed Run

Castle and Garden

Victorian Style Afternoon

Historical Costume Workshop, Afternoon Tea & A guided tour of the Castle. “Step back in time with our Victorian Style Afternoon.

Castle and Garden

Weapons of 1798 -Army, Mili ...

A talk by local author Aidan Herron. Saturday 28th May 2016, at 12pm.
A selection of the Willie Carney collection of weapons, previously unseen will be exhibited on the day.

Historical Centre

Skerries Mills

This historic agricultural center offers tourists a chance to immerse themselves in the fascinating pastoral legacy of the region. For those who have visited Ireland previously, it should come as no surprise that these lands have served as fertile agricultural resources throughout history. That being said, they have also proven to be a catalyst for change, most notably during the famine that occurred here in the opening years of the 20th century.


North Beach Caravan & Camping

With direct access to a 200-metre beach area featuring cliffsides, a historic martello tower and the popular Rockabill Lighthouse, the North Beach Caravan and Camping Park is a family-owned operation.


Bull Island SPA

This area is listed as a national Wildfowl Sanctuary, a Ramsar Convention site, a Biogenetic Reserve, a Biosphere Reserve and a SAOO site.


Rogerstown Estuary

This location is an important segment of the larger chain of estuaries situated on the East Coast. Featuring a rare population of Brent Goose,


Malahide Estuary

Malahide Estuary is an important wintering area for avian conservation efforts, due to the fact that the region hosts populations of Brent Geese and 15 other rare species.


Howth Peninsula SAAO

Protected under the Howth SAAO, the Howth Peninsula includes a total land area of 547 hectares encompassing Ireland’s Eye (28 hectares),


Broadmeadow Estuary

A fine example of an estuarine system, the Broadmeadow Estuary offers feeding and roosting areas for a wide range of waterfowl.